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These are our Rapeseed and Coconut Home Collection box these are new to our range of wax melts.

Set One.
In your collection you will receive 4 Homes in the fragrance of Home Sweet Home, 2 hovers in the fragrance of Fresh Home, 4 Home is where the wax melts are in the fragrance of Home Comfort and 4 Smell like home in the fragrance of Washing off the line.


Set Two

In you box you will receive 4 Lavish Unstoppable in the mini cleaning products, 4 Fluffy Blanket in the washing baskets, 4 April Clean in the washing machines and 4 Frosted Eucalyptus in the Laundry bottles.  
These are vegan and vegetarian friendly.
All come with clp labeled.

Home Fragrance Wax Melt Set.

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